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There are different types of OEM zinc bottle traps available in the market.

OEM Zinc Bottle Trap
This contemporary design bottle trap fits perfectly under the exposed area of the bathroom sink. It features solid-brass construction for durability. Its stylish design offers a unique alternative to traditional pipe options. The trap eye is removable, and a 1-1/4" slip-fit inlet is included. KOHLER finishes resist tarnishing and corrosion. The product will last for many years, ensuring you a worry-free experience with your new trap.
Types of bottle traps
There are different types of OEM zinc bottle traps available in the market. Generally, OEM traps are made of zinc and are used in commercial applications. But what is the best option for your home? If you want a bottle trap that fits under your sink and is durable, choose the odour-proof version. You can choose the chrome-plated model. It comes with a 1-1/4" diameter slip-fit inlet.
Design of a bottle trap
If you're looking to buy a zinc bottle trap, the design of this type of bait should be a priority. Large moths and bats can be trapped, but if they're trapped inside, they'll die and pollute the trap. Beetles, on the other hand, may have an easier time escaping if the bottle has a wide opening. Moreover, beetles may use their wings to form a bridge and fly upward along the side of the bottle. A simple bait to attract roaches is bread soaked in beer. A combination of vinegar and sugar or red wine will also attract roaches. The scent of these pests will make them curious enough to enter the trap.
Another option is the Deluxe Decorative Bottle Trap, which comes in a more traditional design. This trap fits well in exposed areas of a bathroom sink. It is also made of solid brass, making it a sturdy alternative to traditional pipes. It also comes with a removable trap eye, as well as a slip-fit inlet. 
Another type of trap is the wasp trap. This trap is made by cutting the tapering part of the bottle. Then, it's placed on top of the rest of the bottle. The cap is left in place. The rest of the bottle is placed upside-down on the cap, so that it stays in place. If you're looking to catch beetles, you should place the traps near the edges of the forest.

20X20CM Coolsize Precision Cast Stainless Steel Floor Drain Square Shower Insert Floor Drain With Cover EF1020-20


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CE, ISO9001




Stainless Steel


Single mirror/double mirror





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20X20CM Stainless Steel square floor drain


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35 days for different qty orders, contact for details

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