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A pop-up waste is an easy to use drain that opens and closes with a simple push of a lever.

Pop-Up Waste
A pop-up waste is an easy to use drain that opens and closes with a simple push of a lever. This type of drain is also commonly called a twist and turn drain. They are operated by a small lever or lift rod that is attached to the drain underneath the washbasin. They feature a swivel handle for easy control. A twist and turn drain has a small handle that swivels. Press down the drain stopper to open the stopper and flip it back to close.
Pop-Up Wastes are a popular choice for the bathroom. They elevate the waste for easy disposal, and can come with overflow. There are two sizes available from Meir, so you can get a pop-up waste that fits your needs. These types of wastes are designed for easy functionality, and come with a matching bottle trap.
The drawback of pop-up and pop-down wastes is their difficult cleaning ability. While they are the cheapest option, their lifespan is limited, so it is advisable to choose a pop-up waste with a longer warranty. A traditional plug-and-waste is another popular option for new builds and renovations.
Pop-Up Wastes are a popular option in bathrooms, as they are much easier to use. They come in many different configurations and finishes. Their advantage is that they do not require you to have access to the sink. In addition, they are more durable than their counterparts. They have a streamlined design, preventing accidental clogging and ensuring the proper drainage.
Pop-Up Wastes need to be cleaned regularly. A pop-up waste is susceptible to getting stuck when the plug insert is pushed down. You may end up having to buy a new waste when it gets stuck. These wastes can also be damaged if they get accidentally pushed down by hands. The water from a mixer can also shoot directly at the waste.

G 1-1/4" 8cm Ceramic Square Cap Bathroom Faucet Vessel Brass Pop Up Waste With Overflow EB1007G

Quick Details

Item Number:

E EB1007G


G 1-1/4", 8cm


P Push Down Pop-up



Brand Name:



CE, ISO9001



Brass body, ceramic cap


Ceramic cap color:white, black, yellow and so on